The Acne Treatment That Cleared My Skin After 5 Years Of Blemishes

There are many acne treatment products designed to clear up acne pimples that simply don’t work. The most popular products on the market today are the famous benzoyl peroxide based acne cream.

Here we’ll try to help you achieve clear, healthy skin through proven natural methods.


The Problem with most Products used in the Treatment of Acne

The problem with all acne creams is that it only temporarily kills the bacteria. These creams are designed for acne prone skin care and aim to eliminate the bacteria which causes it. In theory, without bacteria, acne would not form. The active ingredient in most creams for pimples is benzoyl peroxide, which has been proven to kill p. acne vulgaris but is also very damaging to the skin.

Benzoyl peroxide dries up the skin, pharmaceutical companies have combined benzoyl peroxide with moisturizing agents to neutralize this effect.

The bacteria that is responsible for acne is very resilient and returns within hours of it being killed. This is why the only successful acne cream regimen seems to be Dan’s from in which he applies an exorbitant amount of cream all over his face. The cream is then absorbed by the skin and provides longer lasting effects versus bacteria.

He then applies a massive amounts of moisturizer in order to keep his face from literally peeling off. He claims that it takes 2-3 months for your face to get adjusted harshness of the benzoyl peroxide, after which the redness fades away. As you can imagine, we do not recommend this treatment.

I do not know the long term effects of this treatment, but I would imagine that applying heavy dosages of benzoyl peroxide for 10 years would not be healthy. Especially since your liver is responsible for filtering all the chemicals absorbed through your skin.

The solution to treat acne? Avoid most creams!

The worse creams seem to be the ones that are commercially available over the counter. These do not successfully kill the bacteria and dry the skin. This results in more breakouts than before, resulting in the consumer buying more creams. Instead, concentrating on keeping your skin as healthy as possible will be much more effective in your fight against acne. So throw those acne treatment products away, most of them are junk anyways.

It starts with a balanced diet

When you’re concentrating on reducing acne scars, make sure that you eat a balanced, healthy diet. The food that you eat will be used to rebuild your body, so choose your construction blocks wisely. Make sure you’re getting plenty of vitamin C and E from fruits and vegetables when you’re fighthing acne and you will see much faster results.

There are many acne herbal remedies, and as the name implies, they revolve around using herbs to cure acne. The herbs, almost in all cases, induce a cleansing reaction of your body. This cleansing of your body helps you to cope with the acne itself, by strengthening your immune system and therefore its ability to deal with bacteria and inflammation.


History of Herbal Remedies in the fight against acne

Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to combat acne, as it was the first form of medicine ever adopted by our world. Throughout the years, generations have narrowed down which herbs are the most effective against pimples and now they can be conveniently purchased from the local health shop.

The most common herbs used for acne

Some of the most commonly used herb for acne are milk thistle, burdock root, neem, basil, sandalwood, elm bark, dandelion root and olive leaf. These herbs are usually blood cleansers and all work in slightly different ways. Milk thistle, for example, boosts liver action which consequently increases your body’s cleansing. Olive leaf extract act in a way that is similar to antibiotics and hinders the bad bacteria in your body so that your immune system can naturally cleanse it out.

  • Milk Thistle
  • Burdock root
  • Neem
  • Basil
  • Sandalwood
  • Elm bark
  • Dandelion root
  • Olive Leaf

Herbs are powerful for short periods of time

Although herbal acne treatments are powerful, your body will quickly become accustomed to the herbs being used and after 2 weeks, the effects will beging to die down. Within 3 weeks, human bodies get used to herbs and the effects fade away. In this sense, herbs are to be used as a temporary boost to your system and are not a permanent solution.

A recommendation when using herbs to cure acne

One way to increase the effectiveness of the herbs is to switch the type of herb every 2 weeks.

This way, your body will not get used to them as quickly. Even with this technique, acne herbal remedies are not a permament solutions.

I see many people using topical acne products for acne left and right. In fact, I’m sure acne cream products are the #1 thing sold to fight acne. Its such a huge money maker, $60 for a bottle of a ‘revolutionary acne product’ that will forever cure your acne ? Yeah, I’ve seen those ads too. Endorsed by Britney too ? Nice, I’ll take 2.

Of course, people will soon realize that these topical creams do nothing against acne. Have you ever put cream on a pimple and have it magically disappear the next day? Of course not. What usually ends up happening is that the skin dries up in a massive & unhealthy way. Then the pimple ‘dies’ an ugly death, only to be avenged by 2-3 other pimples on the other side of your face. If anything, it seems that all the acne products and creams actually TRIGGER breakouts. Let’s be honest, your skin doesn’t like the creams, in fact, it gets irritated. When it gets irritated, you get more acne.

Now, I’m going to attempt to explain why using cream as a spot treatment on one side of your face can potentially trigger many other acne pimples.


My theory on Acne Products and Merchandise

We all know that skin absorbs whatever it comes into contact with. Using that logic, we can assume that the antibacterial solution that is inside every acne cream will be propagated throughout your entire face through your blood vessels. Therefore, for a little while (until the solution dilutes to a point where it is no longer effective), your entire face will have this ‘antibiotic’ fighting p. acne.

Immediately after, there will be a rebound effect where all the suppressed acne bacteria will replenish, in larger quantities than before. Finally, you breakout. The trick to fighting acne is to keep everything in balance. If you’re using acne creams, its like breathing on a fire, the flames will subside momentarily, but the fire will come right back at you, stronger than before.

So what do can I can’t use cream based products against acne?

Well that’s pretty simple, basically the best thing to use against acne is, (brace yourself), water.

Yes, H20, water has been found to be the best way to control acne in the long run. If you really want to get that ‘clean’ feeling and get all the dirt off, you can use this special (ok its not special, its pretty basic) technique: Splash warm water on your face (pores open), splash cold water on your face (pores close), splash warm water on your face (pores open) and finally splash your face with cold water one last time.

There, its done, your face is now washed and it cost you about $0.00 (unless you live in Europe where that amount of water cost you 250 euros). At least now your skin won’t breakout.

But I REALLY need to use a product on my face!

Ok, if you MUST use a product on your face, I will tell you which ones to avoid. Whatever you do (seriously), DO NOT BUY USE A PRODUCT WHICH IS AIMED AT FIGHTING ACNE. If it says: “for acne prone skin” then DONT USE IT. Also, avoid anything that’s antibacterial for the reasons previously mentioned. A good soap that I found was goat milk’s soap, which can be found at health stores.

Exceptions to the no-acne-product-rule

Ok ok, there is ONE exception (sorta). The only situation where cream will actually work is if you completely overload your face with cream. Now in my opinion, this will be seriously detrimental to your health and I do NOT recommend this. What some advocates talk about in the acne cream regimens is is applying a ridiculous amount of cream *everywhere* on your face on a daily basis. Applying an obscene amount of cream will mean your face entire will take longer to completely dilute it into your blood stream and process it (through your liver? yeah, that sounds really healthy). Therefore, for 24 hours, the acne will be under control.

The drawback is that your skin will be extremely reddish and irritated from this. To counter the reddish effect, you must use intensive moisturizer to lessen the effects. Now after about 3-4 years of this, your liver will probably be rotting and your skin will be paper thin, so you better wear sunscreen or your face might catch fire when you’re out in the sun.

Enough said, I do NOT recommend applying this much cream (or any for that matter) on your face. All you’re doing is making other people rich and hurting yourself in the progress (sort of like cigarettes)

To summarize, there have been many people that have been very successful in using only water to treat their acne. I suggest that you try it for a while instead of spending more money on acne products that you really don’t need.

The first thought I had when I had crazy breakouts was: What causes acne ? Now I’m not saying that it was eating something specific that caused me to have acne (because then, wouldn’t every one who ate those foods have acne?), but I have noticed that there are certain causes for sudden acne breakouts.

So what did I do? I set out to search what could possibly trigger my acne and I made a list of all the items I suspected worsened my acne.


The first step was to write out a personal list of potential acne triggers:

  • Chocolate bars
  • Chips & salsa sauce
  • Soft drinks(soda) & Ice tea
  • M&Ms
  • Mouthwash
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Poutines (Fries and cheese)
  • Subs
  • Wraps
  • Gum
  • Cookies
  • Orange juice
  • Pastries
  • Ice cream
  • Nuts

Evaluation of the acne breakouts list:

I suspected a lot of things promoted acne, and a lot of those foods were really enjoyable! I didn’t really want to give them up, at least not completely, especially not for a homemade acne treatment! Not to mention I didn’t even have any hard evidence that these foods flared up my acne… I mean, I have eaten these things before without getting acne, so why would I assume they are harmful now. Not to mention, tons of people eat it those things and never get acne!

Something must be wrong.

But at the same time… I can vaguely recall eating those goodies in excess and then having a breakout 1-2 days later… what’s happening?

Digestive track and acne

Well for me, because I have a poor digestive track (probably due to doing Accutane, the worst acne remedy), I have to watch out for foods that would otherwise ‘clog up’ my system. In a healthy body, you eat, absorb all the necessary nutrients from the food and then expel the trash. However, what happens if I clog up my system is that the trash stays in my body for longer periods of time. This is not healthy. Imagine leaving Chinese food out for 2 days in your home, what kind of odor would it have.

Now the foods from the list that ‘clogged’ up my system were subs (with soggy bread and meat), poutine (fries and cheese), chicken wraps and pastries. All these foods would just sit in my system for days, reducing my bowel time (time it takes to go to the washroom) to days instead of something like a regular 12-24 hours.

Now, if you have a good digestive system, ignore these things as they aren’t likely to affect you at all! Make this remedy your own by adapting it to your body, not mine.

Sugar and my acne triggers

Next on the my homemade trigger list: the sugars. Soft drinks, M&Ms (my favorite candy), chocolate, orange juice, ice cream, cookies. Now the reason sugar affects me is not because of the sugar itself… but because of the reaction my body has to the sugar. Anyone doubting this should read the best seller “The Perricone prescription” book.

I don’t think that sugar is bad, but excessive amounts affects me. How much is excessive? That depends from person to person, in my case, it’s fairly low.

Environmental acne triggers

Now, what about the mouthwash & gum ? Well, the mouthwash was one of those weird catalyst that everyone has at home … when I started taking some on a regular basis, I noticed that I would break out near my mouth. And although I don’t have any studies to back this up (hey, if I don’t have anything, I’ll tell you straight up) but there’s a reason they say: “DO NOT SWALLOW” and not to give it to children. It’s because it’s not good for you! Of course I don’t swallow it, but there is some mouthwash that remains in my mouth even after rinsing, and that gets absorbed through the linings in my mouth.

What about the gum?

Well… 90% of it has aspartame, which is renowned to be a poison in high quantities. For some reason, I believe I am more sensitive to these things than regular people who do not have acne, and therefore I have to avoid it while others can go and chew on it all day. It’s a personal thing, what causes acne for me might be different for you so it’s up to you to figure out exactly what triggers your acne and then keep that list handy.

This natural acne treatment is a summary of pretty much every important article in the home remedy section. I strongly recommend reading the archives and going over them individually for more information. That being said, here’s the summary of an excellent natural treatment for acne.


My all Natural Cure for Acne

Whenever I get a break out I do this for one week and my acne clears up. I usually end up doing this for two weeks just to be sure, and then I go into maintenance mode. My maintenance mode involves doing the exact same things as the homemade recipes for acne cure, except instead of doing them daily, I do them every 2-3 days.

Also, the great thing is that I can cheat and drink a soda after, or have a chocolate bar, chips, etc. Of course, I can’t return to eating trash all day, but why would I want to do that?

Natural Acne Treatment:

  1. Eliminate all ‘bad’ foods
  2. Steam
  3. Eat 1 small portion of salmon per day
  4. Drink 1 lemon water mixture per day
  5. Drink 1 ACV water mixture per day
  6. Get 15-25 minutes of sun per day
  7. Vitamin C per day

Extra Acne Treatments Tips

Now along the years, I’ve discovered a few more things which really seem to make a difference in my acne. They aren’t really crucial to my regime, but I figured it could help some people and it would be worthwhile to mention them.

First, the most important thing when starting a treatment is to stick with it. Regardless of what treatment you choose, if you don’t go through with it, then you’ll never know if it works or not. This is especially important with the all natural treatment because if you don’t eliminate the ‘bad foods’, then you won’t see the full benefit of it.

Second, when starting natural acne treatments, it’s important to log and keep track of your progress. You should be taking notes on a daily basis of the improvement (or lack of) of the treatment. That way, you’ll see if you’re improving or not after a week. If you aren’t, then it’s time to change something!

One of the questions I have recently answered asked: What causes of acne? I looked at some trends I’ve noticed over the years is that there are various different acne causes… the environment, stress, things we ingest and so on. Some of these triggers will produce acne at different times of the day, at different places, such as the thighs or the face, giving you clues as to what is the source.

Now, pimples usually take a day or so to fully appear, but for this article, we’ll concentrate on the first moment you notice you have a pimple ‘growing’ on your face.

Does your acne ‘pop up’ at different times of the day? In different places? What are the triggers?

Morning Acne – Possible Cause and Effect

Being chronological, we’ll start by morning pimples. You wake up in the morning, walk to the mirror (actually, you don’t even need to walk to the mirror, you can feel them on your face by making weird smiles) and you see that you have a few new pimples to start the day.

So what’s the likely cause of these morning pimples? Because you sleep a whole 8 hours, it can be a multitude of things.

Pillow Acne

Possible cause #1. One of them is often that you simply get really warm while sleeping, perspire more than usual and your blocked pores are rubbing in your oily pillow. You therefore get a pretty much the idea conditions for pimples to form.

The solution ?

Before going to sleep, wash your face with water (do the warm/cold/warm/cold wash) and then go to sleep on your back. Yes, it takes some getting used to for many, but force yourself to sleep exclusively on your back. That way, your face won’t rub on your pillow throughout the night. It will also be a lot cooler and your face won’t ‘perspire’ as much if its exposed to open air.


Acne caused by Excess Waste

Possible cause #2. Another factor that affects morning acne is that you didn’t spend all your energy the night before. Therefore, throughout the entire night your body has to do something with those calories you didn’t spend. Its like if you put a log in a fire, and then you put the fire out… You end up with having a log. But your body can’t just have a log sitting inside of it. It has to expel anything it doesn’t use. And since your skin is the biggest organ, it expels it through your skin. Have you ever exercised a lot in a day, and gone to bed completely tired? Usually the next day, you wake up with a bit less acne. The opposite is true too, have you ever ate tons of sugar before going to bed? Yeah, the next morning isn’t pretty.

The solution?

Go to bed tired, make sure you do enough physical activity throughout the day, watching TV or being in front of the computer before bed doesn’t count.

Acne caused by indigestion

Possible cause #3. Finally, because you’re sleeping for 8 hours, it can also be indigestion, if you didn’t have any bowel movements during the day, chances are you have food just sitting in your stomach, and it needs to be expelled.

The solution?

If that’s the case, eat an 2-3 apples in the morning. This simple step will improve your daily digestion immensely and you should start seeing results shortly.

Now obviously there are many more causes of acne that were not mentioned, but if any of these seem to be part of your life, then definitely pay special attention to them. It’s by noticing what affects you that you will eventually overcome your acne.

I was recently thinking about fruits for acne because of what a doctor said. While I was viciously searching for a cure for my acne, a Chinese doctor told me: “Eat one orange every morning, and you’ll clear up”. You know what? He was on to something. Whenever I eat an orange or an apple in the morning, I am guaranteed a good bowel movement later on in the day.
As we all know, having a clear, well functioning system is good for acne. So I imagined that having an all fruit diet for my acne would be a good thing. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, too much of anything is not good.

Too Many Fruits Can Cause Acne

What happens when you eat too much fruit is that you get a lot of sugar which promotes candida growth. Not only that, but having a high fruit diet makes your body very acidic. This is completely the opposite of what we want! Since this discovery I have opted to eat more green vegetables, which do not produce candida overgrowth and alkanize your body instead.

Here’s a list of fruits that have been known to be especially helpful for acne:

  • Avocado
  • Kiwi
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Grapes / Raisins
  • Pears
  • Grapefruit

Just make sure you don’t add sugar!

Adding fruits to your daily regimen is one of the most beneficial things you can do. It improves digestion, cleans out your system, hydrates you and provides you with many vitamins which are essential. The trick is not to overdo it. I usually try to eat 2 portions of fruit per day, usually apples or oranges. If you’re going to eat fruits for acne, make sure to balance it with a lot of green vegetables as well.

There are some herbs for acne that are really fun to use, they are like nitrous in the sense that you can only use them for so long before they are ineffective. What I mean is that acne and herbs have a way of destabilizing your body, and your body reacts in a way that promotes heavy cleansing (usually). But then after a while, your body adapts to the dose and goes back to normal. Usually herbs will give you great results for the first 2 weeks and then stop working. Unfortunately, this is how the herbs treat acne.

Zenmed’s herbs

In terms of usage, I have found that Zenmed’s herb capsules are the best ones and are the most efficient (seriously, they were good stuff). However, they are pricey and only worked for me for about 2 weeks. Afterward, the effects wore off.

If you do venture off in the Zenmed zone, remember that you really don’t need to buy the whole system, just the capsules will do. I have found they they are better than the arcadia herbs for acne and skin conditions.

Nature’s way AKN did help but wasn’t as strong as Zenmed’s.

And finally, Skin & Hair helped a lot and I was able to use it for a longer period of time. I suspect it is because one of the main ingredients inside is MSM and this is actually something that our body needs on a regular basis.

“I’ve been taking Nature’s way Skin & Nails supplement for a while now, the main ingredient is MSM and I really didn’t think it would help that much, but to my surprise, it has A LOT. MSM is responsible or a lot of things happening in your body and this whole formula has helped me tremendously. Also, I’ve been taking it for 4 weeks and the effects don’t die off like other herbal supplements I’ve taken. I suspect it’s because it’s providing me with more than just herbs.“

My recommendation is, if you’re going to try to take herbs for acne, first start by researching them. You’ll hear a ton of people talking about how great they are… but remember that the effect is temporary. The last herb for acne that I haven’t mentioned yet, but is extremely useful is milk thistle. I’ll have an entire post dedicated to it shortly, that’s how good it is.

Sometimes I was able to predict when I would get acne… like after having a huge sub and a poutine (fries with cheese for those who don’t know what it is… also known as hobo fries to some). I just KNEW it was coming.  Until I actually took the time to notice that digestion had a serious impact on my acne, I was completely clueless and I ate whatever crossed my plate.

Regular bowel movements and acne

A heavy meal like that would just sit in my stomach, and I could actually FEEL it clogging me up. I had just blocked my digestive track. Having good digestion is critical; otherwise waste builds up in your body and the result it acne.

This was a huge deal for me because I would eat very little during the day and then eat a huge meal at night, therefore clogging me up all night until I finally had some other big meal to ‘push it down’.  Learn from my mistakes, make sure you have a proper digestion and it will help your acne.

Acne sleep is so important for me. I always find that my skin heals a lot faster if I go to sleep early (11pm is early for me) and then I get a full 8 hours sleep. Contrastingly, I notice pimples more frequently when I only get 4-5 hours of sleep.

I first noticed this when I was working late night shifts, a bad habit that stayed with me even when I changed jobs. Now I tend to stay up late at night in front of the computer, and I have to constantly remind myself that sleep has a serious effect on your overall health, including acne.

So keep in mind, if your body is not rested, it’s more prone to acne!

Sleeping on your back

I have noticed that sleeping on my back helps me a lot. This took a lot of getting used to because I used to sleep sideways like many people do. However, after forcing myself to sleep on my back, I noticed a huge reduction in new pimples in the morning!

The downside to this was that I started noticing a few pimples on my upper back when I did this. But if you’re anything like me, then having 2-3 pimples hidden away on your back is a hundred times better than having them on your face for everyone to see!

“Sleeping on my back helped my acne so much, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!”

Now instead of calling it beauty sleep, I call it acne sleep. It’s more motivating for me that way!

Of all the vitamins and products that I have taken over the years, the ONLY thing which has given me consistent results is vitamin C. It helps fight off colds, it’s anti-cancer and you know what? It helps me fight my acne too.

Every day I take 1 1000mg vitamin C and it really seems to help. I can’t remember the last time I was sick, even when everyone around me was coughing up bricks.

  1. Speaking of vitamins, you should know that vitamin B5 is never prescribed by doctors for acne.

Acne and colds

The idea came to me because whenever I was sick, I would take a lot of vitamin C… and for some reason; my acne would always fade away 4-5 days after taking regular doses of vitamin C.

Effects of vitamin C for acne

So sure enough, I decided to try it without being sick and it helps! However, I’ve been warned not to take TOO much vitamin C as it gives you diarrhea and could potentially cause ‘stones’ to develop. However, taking 1 vitamin C per day with a lot of water has been great for me. Lastly, if you can get an abundance of vitamin C through foods, then all the better! It’s better that way.

*UPDATE* Well apparently taking too much vitamin C can cause stones to develop. This is bad! So although I still recommend taking vitamin C to give yourself a little boost from time to time, you really shouldn’t take it on a daily basis like I used to do.

Instead of taking vitamin C in the form of pills and supplements, I recommend getting your daily dose of vitamin C from fruits and vegetables. Oranges, kiwis, lemon all have high concentrations of vitamin C which will help your acne.

One of the most frequently asked questions is:  Can I use milk thistle for acne ? Yes.  One of the most recommended herbs for fighting acne is milk thistle. This herb is supposed to increase your liver function, therefore promoting more cleansing and consequently eliminating acne.

First few days taking milk thistle

When I was doing my research on acne, this term kept on re-appearing every few days. I would see people claiming to have taken milk thistle for a year and suddenly having their acne fade away. Others claimed that it rebuilt your liver. I was intrigued.

So I began taking milk thistle capsules from Nature’s Way 3 times a day. Immediately within 2-3 days, my acne began to dramatically fade away. This was the only alteration to my diet and it really had made a huge difference. Immediately, I thought that this was the miracle solution, wondering why no one had mentioned it before.

Milk Thistle, 7 days later…

Wow, after a week of taking milk thistle religiously for my acne, I noticed that my face was looking much better. Acne had stopped from cropping up, life seemed good. In my mind, I had finished my journey, all I needed was this one bottle. I was ready to spam message boards to tell everyone about this miracle cure.

Acne fights back when you least expect it.

Pimples slowly started coming back. Less than before, but they were definitely starting to crop up, I could feel them coming. In the second week, I had 3-4 pimples crop up, which was bearable, compared to what I previously had. But wanting to go back to the perfect clear I had in the first week, I decided to raise the dosage.
More is better?

Milk Thistle Effects on Acne

I started taking 2 extra capsules per day, I figured that this would help get me through this rough week, and that the week after I could go back to my normal dosage. Unfortunately, taking these extra supplements created a slight pain in what seemed to be my liver. (very hard to tell where the pain was coming from, but there was definitely a pain in my body near my liver) As soon as I felt that, I stopped taking milk thistle entirely. I do NOT like having pains that I can’t explain. It could be dangerous. This never happened when I was taking the regular dosage, but of course, I had to try more when the regular dosage stopped working.
To my dismay, after stopping to take milk thistle, I broke out worse than before. My body had adjusted to the extra milk thistle and when I took it away, it completely collapsed.

When I first started taking milk thistle for my acne, my body went into overdrive. It was working harder than it normally would of because of the milk thistle. This purified my body and caused the acne to go away. After a while, my body adapted to the dosage of milk thistle and its effects faded away. Finally, when I took the milk thistle away, I broke out. I was taking something away that my body had gotten used to.

I’m not sure if it would recommend milk thistle for acne sufferers. Its a good experiment to go through, and its nice to see your skin improve for a week or two. After that however, it goes back to normal. I suppose taking lower dosages might help, but as with all herbs, the effects fade away after a while. If anything, I would take milk thistle for acne if I knew I was bout to breakout.

When I noticed that sun cures acne I decided to implement it into my routine whenever I want to get rid of my acne. I’ve noticed that getting sun makes my skin heal faster, makes me happier in general and stops new acne from forming. I’m used to being on the computer / inside for most of the day, I actually had to make an effort to go outside and get some exposure to the sun to cure my acne.

So what I do now is that in the middle of the afternoon (well, basically anytime between 10am and 4 pm) I go outside and lay down in the sun for about 15-25 minutes. When I lay down in the sun, I make sure my FACE gets sunlight.

Sun’s effects on your acne prone skin

I don’t put any sunscreen. Sunscreen has always made me break out and for some reason, and the whole point of me going to get sun is to actually… get sun, not block it. Also, I figure that 15-25 minutes isn’t much, if we ever get to the point where we can’t be outside for 20 minutes without protection… well let’s not go there. Oh yeah, the ozone layer is actually regenerating itself now (Thanks to banning CFCs) and it’s predicted that by 2050 we should be back to ‘normal’ levels. Yeah it’s a long time, but at least its one thing that’s going in the right direction!

Sunlight and acne bacteria

Sun makes my skin feel great, research papers that I have read show that the rays of sun kill the harmful bacteria on the skin, but I suspect there’s more to it than that. Our body uses sunlight to produce vitamin D, which is great, but I suspect it also does other things which are beneficial but not completely understood today.

Obviously, I try to avoid burning at all costs! I never stay in the sunlight for too long and if I ever feel too hot, I go inside to take a break. Being in the sun should be enjoyable

“But research into vitamin D is suggesting both a plausible answer to this medical puzzle and a heretical notion: that cancers and other disorders in rich countries aren’t caused mainly by pollutants but by a vitamin deficiency known to be less acute or even non-existent in poor nations.”

It continues ” But perhaps the biggest bombshell about vitamin D’s effects is about to go off. In June, U.S. researchers will announce the first direct link between cancer prevention and the sunshine vitamin. Their results are nothing short of astounding.”

And finally, “Only brief full-body exposures to bright summer sunshine — of 10 or 15 minutes a day — are needed to make high amounts of the vitamin. But most authorities, including Health Canada, have urged a total avoidance of strong sunlight or, alternatively, heavy use of sunscreen. Both recommendations will block almost all vitamin D synthesis.”

Is there such a thing as food for acne? There are certain foods that clear up acne if eaten daily but they are slowly disappearing from our daily diets. This is because the original, healthier product has been replaced by a cheaper, more marketable substitute. For example, who needs real lemons when you can buy lemon juice in a cleverly shaped container?

One of the foods that can benefit acne the most is salmon. Integrating salmon into your diet will eliminate any further acne from producing, and minimizing the effects if any does.

Food compared to pills for acne

Although I have tried many supplements, herbs and medicines in the past, nothing comes close to eating the real thing on a regular basis. Not only is it cheaper, but I would imagine it’s much healthier to eat foods rather than to take anything in pill/powder format.


My special food number one that I integrate whenever I go on my ‘anti acne’ regime is wild smoked salmon. Every time I start eating good salmon on a regular basis, my acne goes away within days.

Wild salmon for acne

Now the choice of salmon is very important, I haven’t tried the ‘regular’ smoked salmon, but I hear that unless it’s specifically written “Wild” salmon, its fish that comes from a fish farm. These usually are more toxic than wild salmon. Also, they seem to have a different color… which indicates that there really must be a difference, at least at some level.
Foods to avoid to prevent acne – Fish toxicity

I have heard many cautions of toxicity in fish, so I would *strongly* recommend getting the wild one. Yeah, it may cost $2-3 more, but it’s worth it. Anyhow, I usually buy Wild Sock Fresh Salmon at Loblaws/Publix and it costs me $10-15. Then I eat a nice healthy slice every day until my acne completely goes away. Usually one pack of Salmon will last me 4-5 days.

Afterwards, when my acne is gone, I eat a slice of Salmon every 2 days, making it last about 10 days.

The first thing I that went through my mind when I was buying this Salmon was…”Wow, this is so expensive, I can’t do this forever!”

However, when I realized that I’m going to spend money on food anyways, it’s not like I’m buying a supplement, pills, or anything like that. It’s FOOD. I spend a lot more than this whenever I eat out, and if this helps my acne, then it’s much more worthwhile than my meal at a fast food place.

One of the best additions to my diet was taking apple cider to clear up my acne problems. Well I usually drink 3-4 water bottles per day, and I certainly didn’t feel like drinking exclusively lemon water all day.

So I added the second most useful thing to combat acne, and that is, Apple Cider Vinegar. I usually mix a VERY small amount of ACV in a 500 ml bottle of water.

Acne fighting technique #2 ACV

For starters, if you make it too strong, it will be impossible to drink. When I started mixing apple cider with my water, I really didn’t like the taste, so what I did was I reduced the amount until it was ok to drink. In fact, at the start, I was putting in only a few drops and the color would barely change, but it was enough for me! Then I got used to the taste, and now I put just enough to see a slight color change in the water.

Mixing Apple Cider Vinegar with water

My personal guidelines are:

  • If it burns when you drink it, you put WAY too much ACV
  • If you can’t taste anything, then you didn’t put enough.
  • If you can’t drink it completely, then you put too much.
  • If you feel like you could drink the whole thing in one straight shot, you probably need a bit more.

Usually I’ll take big sips of the ACV / water mixture, and I forget that I’m drinking it because it just tastes normal.  Apple cider vinegar will clear up your acne problems in no time!

Now drinking lemon juice for acne throughout the day has become a habit for me. I used to drink soda (soft drinks) all day, but that really didn’t help my acne. So if you’re in the same situation I was a few years ago, drinking two cans of pop every day, then this might be the most important thing you read all year.

Now I replaced that with water bottles. And although that helped, it didn’t quite clear my acne.

Then I discovered that mixing fresh lemon juice with water really helps a lot. In fact, if you do only one thing, I would recommend the acne lemon juice.

  1. In the morning, I wake up, splash a bit of water on my face and then I go and cut up a whole lemon in half.
  2. After that, I juice the lemon using a cheap fruit juicer, one that’s going to separate the juice from the pulp and seeds.
  3. Then, I open up a water bottle and take a healthy gulp, so that there’s room to mix the lemon juice.
  4. Afterwards, I mix in the lemon juice with the water and shake it just a bit.

NOTE: “BOTTLE WATER ONLY! Or purified at least. No tap water.”

A little more details on my lemon water for acne routine

There we go; the lemon juice is ready to go for the rest of the day. Actually, I usually end up drinking it all within 1-2 hours, which is fine, there’s no need to extend it throughout the day. When I first started doing this, it was actually difficult to gulp down that much lemon, so what I did was use half a lemon per day, and I kept the other side for the next. After a while though, I noticed better results using the whole lemon, and the taste was actually enjoyable, so I now do a complete lemon per day.

Side effects of Lemon Water

Note: Usually after drinking lemon water, I noticed that my teeth are a bit more sensitive (makes sense since it’s slightly a slightly acidic drink) so what I do is I brush my teeth about 30-60 min after taking the lemon water. Sometimes I forget, or I just eat food and it seems to have the same effect, but I don’t want to have any cavities so I make sure to take care of my teeth! Some people suggested that I could drink it with a straw… I guess that could work too. Also, I never take more than 1 lemon per day; it’s apparently not good to take too much.

UPDATE: Do not take more than 1 lemon per day, I usually do 1 lemon per day for 7 days and then I go into a ‘maintenance dose’ of 1 lemon every 2-3 days. Taking more than this can cause side effects.


“And lemon water, freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed in a water bottle seems like a universal helper, it has helped me a lot, although it takes 2-3 days of drinking 1 lemon water bottle per day to take effect. It stimulates liver function, improves digestion, cleans the digestive tract and prevents infections.”

“Lemon water reduced my acne drastically in a week… I’m still in shock, it’s really amazing”